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Best Hawaiian Shirt for Sale

01 August 2017

Hi, guys! I'm back with another summer trend for men and it's the Hawaiian Shirt. You know as well as I know that you don't need to go to Hawaii to find  Hawaiian shirts, you find them just about everywhere. Dresslily is an online shopping platform where you can find the best Hawaiian Shirt for sale and not only that, they are selling wide varieties of fashionable clothes, dresses, accessories, swimwear for a very cheap price so don't forget to visit their website. Also, check out their Plus size tankini because they are so hot!

Moving on, If you are not familiar with what those are, they've been actually gaining a lot of popularity and they're always kind of popular around beach areas during the summer especially with men. They're a summer staple and they've been featured on countless celebrities throughout the decade's people like Hunter Thompson, Elvis Presley, of course, Tom Selleck and Magnum P.I. there are tons of designs available in Hawaiian shirts, some of them are admittedly overbearing and garish but just as many designs that are tasteful and visually appealing. These are not shirts that you're going to wear to go to like a formal type of event or anywhere where you need to dress up. These are shirts that are statement shirts.

So here are my top picks and let's take a look at them.

Floral Tie Dye Print Cover Placket Hawaiian Shirt

First off is this floral tie dye print cover placket Hawaiian shirt. These things have been making a huge comeback this year. It's a great everyday shirt and if you wanna go casual or if you wanna go a little bit more dressed up depending on how you style it I mean this shirt is so versatile and it's a great choice for the summer time.

Short Sleeves Plus Size Hawaiian Shirt

Next, is this red floral Hawaiian shirt, it has buttons and actually, it is similar to the red wine shirt that Elvis wore on the cover of the Blue Hawaii soundtrack back in the early 60's. Florals are very popular, one of the earliest designs in the Hawaiian shirt and still you can find just about everywhere today so it's a great choice. The one color treatment here simple but effective and easy to wear.

Short Sleeve Plus Size Floral Print Shirt

Next up, is this short sleeve floral print shirt. The first thing that I wanna point out is the color, a lot of Hawaiian shirts are very loud but this one is muted and softer they tend to be more versatile looking where you guys are just about going everywhere and look at this shirt, it's a nice color combination. It goes together well and it's not too visually overbearing.

Cover Placket Florals Printed Hawaiian Shirt

Next trend, prints. Loud wide prints all over the shirt. You can see a crop across the chest. instead of all of the print, think about a border where it is easy way to put a pop of color across the chest or down the side of the shirt so for this shirt you can think about anything associated with travel it's truly a great thing for Hawaiian shirts thinking about them for you know it's an incentive for booking or people get to their destination.

Leaves Print Plus Size Hawaiian Shirt

Lastly, is this leaves print Hawaiian shirt it's not traditionally Hawaiian but the print is Hawaiian. This shirt looks pretty fantastic. It has a modern twist to it and has a relaxed vibe to it because of the print but it slim cut so it is not the traditional Hawaiian shirt that you think of. It is best to pair with denim jeans and khaki pants.

And that was all! Comment down below which Hawaiian shirt is/are your favorite? Thank you so much for reading and see you on my next post! Have a great day! 

*This post was created in partnership with Dresslily. All contents and opinions are that of my own.


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Hot Trend: Floral Sweat-shirt

30 July 2017

Hi, Lovelies! Today I'm gonna talk about one of the hottest trend this season which is the Floral Sweatshirt. But before that, I just want you to know guys that this post is in partnership with Rosegal they are selling wide varieties of fashionable clothes, dresses, accessories, women's swimwear for a very cheap price so don't forget to visit their website. Also, check out their red dress bridesmaid collection because they are so chic and glam!

7 Summer Fashion Finds Under $20

13 July 2017

What's up guys! what are you doing today? I hope that you are doing so good out there! Today's blog post is about summer fashion finds under $20 where I review more affordable items all under $20 obviously.  I got so much stuff to show you guys and these are just some of my favorites that I picked up lately.

Before we get into it, I just want you to know guys that this post is in cooperation with Yoins, they are an online shop where you can buy playsuits online, fashion clothing, accessories, swimwear for a very cheap price so don't forget to visit their website.

I'm excited to show you guys everything! So grab your snacks and grab your drinks and let's get started!

Hottest Trends of 2017

03 July 2017
Hello there everyone! It's me Jamie and just like you I was asking what should I wear in 2017? Because trends nd fashion seems to change so much especially over the past like three or four years. I did my research I watched fashion shows like Vogue, Gucci etc. and compelled to you fashion trends that are going to be the hottest in 2017. I hope this blog post is gonna be useful and give you some inspiration on how to always look fashionable and on-point in 2017. So let's get right into it, shall we?

How to wear see through black dress

01 July 2017

Hi, guys! welcome to my blog! So today's blog post is going to be all about how to wear a see through black dress. See through clothing can actually be worn with different styles that you like or with a bandage bodycon dress underneath. Personally, I feel like see through clothing get a little bit tough because you wanna be able to show your skin and patterns underneath but you don't want to come off as too scantily clad considering the situation and if the family is going to be around or friends or just what kind of event you're at. So without further ado let's get into it!


26 June 2017

Hey, everyone! It's Jamie and welcome to my blog! So we are going over the hottest trends of the season and last week we did bikinis so this time we're doing fashion with one of my favorite trend, the off the shoulder top. Shoulders are the body part to show for the season. You can do strapless tops, you can do one shoulder, you can do one sleeve, you can do cold shoulder but off the shoulder is the most popular and it's one of my favorites so in today's blog post I want to show you some outfit ideas as well as tips because a lot of you are wondering how to wear the off the shoulder trend if you have different body types so I'm gonna get you covered for those as well.

Hot trend 2017: Color Block Bikini

12 June 2017

Hi, everyone! Summer is just around the corner and I thought it would be a great idea to get you guys ready for summer and I feel like summer gives a great excuse to play with colors and color blocking is such a hot trend especially for the season. Color blocking means pairing contrasting colors against each other. So today I'm gonna show you my top 5 favorite color block bikini to give you inspiration that you guys might like so let's get started!

Swimsuit Wishlist: Crochet Swimsuit and More!

09 June 2017

Hello, lovelies! Summer is already here and I'm very much excited about this post! So I decided to make a Summer Wishlist blog post to give you inspiration that you guys might like and to show you the things I like.  Today's post is in collaboration with  It is a wholesale store, they get items from many different companies. They have wide varieties of fashionable clothes, dresses, accessories, swimwears like this black bandeau bikini and cape style dress. You can buy them at very cheap prices. If you're interested in buying from Zaful, you can use my link to sign up and you'll get a discount. Isn't it great? So anyways, these are my top picks from Zaful, I hope you guys find them interesting and let's get started!

My Top 3 Hand Bag Wishlist

26 November 2016

Hi, everyone! welcome back to my blog. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my Top 3 Purse wishlist. Hopefully, you like it if you do please make sure to write a comment on the comment section box below because I might be doing some more of these in the future.

This post is in partnership with they are an online global retailer and they have a wide variety of Cheap Bags for womenHuman Hair Full Lace WigsWomen's Shoes and a whole lot more so don't forget to visit their website to find great deals!

Picking the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

25 November 2016
There's a lot to consider when choosing a bridesmaid's dresses for your wedding. But the process can be both easy and fun when shopping. Of course, the wedding day is a Bride's day to Shine. But we want our bridesmaids to look beautiful too! Trust me the quickest way to upset your buds is to invite them to be in your bridal party and then turn them into fashion victims. Don't dress your friends in something hideous so you look better in comparison and definitely don't choose dresses that make them look heavy or frumpy. Curious which style are acceptable? I'm here to help. Here's a list of five steps that will help you find the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your wedding.

Step one: Finding a dress that will work for everyone.

If you have a diverse group of short, big, tall and small it might be best to go with simple dresses with a universally flattering silhouette like an A-line or empire waist, something that will work best for everyone. Avoid over the top details and embellishments which can be costly and often times add bulk in unwanted places. You don't want your bridesmaids feeling awkward on the day of the wedding. Remember your ultimate goal is to find dresses that complement your wedding gown and wedding style.

Step two: Color.

Choosing the right color for your bridesmaid's' dresses is very key. Take a look at your bridesmaids' complexion and hair color to make sure you made the right choice. Also stay away from patterns. You don't want them looking like a kaleidoscope. Hone in on shades that look good on a variety of different skin tones. Cool tones are usually a hit for example from a dark navy to light turquoise, blue tone are either flattering to a fair or dark skin. Purple is another crowd pleaser. Try vibrant shades like plum or violet for maximum wow factor.

Step three: Get feedback from your bridesmaids.

It's your wedding but they might have good ideas as to what makes them feel most comfortable and what looks they like. Also keep in mind that if they'll be buying the dresses, keep the cost low and also think about something that they'll be able to wear more than once. Keep both perspectives in mind while you're shopping and be prepared to offer ideas for changing up the look after the wedding. You can often create an entirely new look with a few extra accessories. I love dresses that transform from celebrations ready to daytime chic!

Another way to ensure happily and still end up with dresses you love, choose the color and fabric and then each bridesmaid pick a style that fits her frame whether you limit your bridesmaids to one silhouette or let them shop for a variety of styles or do the exact opposite. choose a style and let your bridesmaids pick the color they prefer. This time is the silhouette that will make your bridesmaids look put together.

Step four: Choosing a dress that will look good at the wedding itself.

Location, season, time of the day and lighting should all be taken into consideration. You don't want to choose a hunter green dress with a forest backdrop. Your bridesmaids could look like they're wearing camouflage.

Step five: Find dresses that best works for you.

And Finally, after all, these considerations it's still your wedding and you want something that is going to complement the wedding itself, your dress and you.

Once you finalized the color and shape now it's time to focus in a few extras to complete your bridesmaids' look. Pins, shoes, belts and jewelry will dress up any simple style and give each dress a dose of individuality.

To see the hottest bridesmaids dresses go to  They have the perfect and affordable Bridesmaid Dresses NZ that suits your bridesmaids the most like this dress below.

Charming A-Line Sweetheart Knee-Length Convertible Zipper-Up Bridesmaid Dress

Trends for Prom Dresses

16 November 2016

Hi, It's me Jamie, and Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be showing you the top Prom Dresses trends and these dresses are from DressFashion they are a professional wedding and prom dress storeIf you are interested in buying these dresses the links will be below on each picture of the dresses. Make sure to check DressFashion's website they have beautiful dresses for prom and they are inexpensive. I picked the ones that I liked the most and I hope you guys liked them too and let's get into the Prom dresses!

Currently Craving: The Best Coats for Fall & Winter

10 November 2016
Hi, Everyone! For today's blog post, I'm going to be doing another fall themed blog post because Fall & Winter is my favorite season so I'm going to give you guys a fall & winter inspiration blog post. So basically what I'm gonna be doing is to show you guys a few of the things that I am craving for right now and these are coats. 

This post is in partnership with FashionMia, They are an online stop for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing. Their online store is filled with the season’s hottest trends, available in all sizes. Their Plus Size selection offers the same stylish threads so every woman can show off their fashionable side. You can shop a complete outfit with just a few clicks. Click here to visit FashionMia for more dresses for women.

So here are my top picks and hope you guys like it and let's jump into the coats.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Cute and Cozy Fall Pieces

03 November 2016
Hi, lovely ladies! How are you? I hope that you're having a lovely day. Anyways I'm so glad to be back! I've been away from blogging for a few months like it's been 5 months I guess. But I'm definitely back on track now so cheers to that and I'm so excited! Just noticed that the weather is already getting colder so I just thought to make a Cute and Cozy fall pieces for today's post. I will be showing you some of my faves fall pieces that I personally picked just for you and I hope that it can give you some inspirations on what to wear on this years' fall season. 

All of the clothes that I’m going to show you here are from StyleWe, they are an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers and they are providing shoppers with original, high quality and affordable fashionable clothes. Click here to visit their website. You can also visit their blog here for more fashion inspirations and don't forget to visit and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

So without further ado let's get started, shall we?

one | two | three | four | five | six

Prom dress Ideas 2016

27 October 2016

Picking a perfect Prom dress is every girls dream... To feel like a princess even for just one night and the dress will easily transport you there. The rules are simple and much like wedding dress shopping. Just bring your closest girl friends or maybe your Mom. People whose opinions you trust or your own because ultimately you’re the one wearing the dress and it’s nice to have someone who you can trade dresses with. Don’t ever settle with a dress you’re not completely in love with because this is the one day you get to feel like a princess and when you finally know you found the perfect one the just say yes to the dress!

The Advantages of a Custom Ring

21 June 2016
Image by LarimdaME via Flickr

Many people, when buying an engagement ring, invest a significant amount of their savings into buying the perfect ring. If you are looking to propose or planning an engagement, you may wish to consider investing in a custom made ring. Not only do you get something that can be unique, but you also get to choose what it is that you want exactly.

Buying the Best Colours of Diamonds

08 June 2016
Image by Yang and Yun's Album via Flickr

When it comes to diamonds, colour is a very important factor. And, the average person would not be able to tell the difference between some of the subtle colour variances. Before you invest in diamond jewellery, it is worth your time and effort to do some research and learn what to look for in a diamond, before you splash the money that you work hard to earn.

How to Tell the Difference between Silver Plated and Sterling Silver Jewellery

26 May 2016
Image by HeatherWeaver via Flickr

There is a big difference between sterling silver and silver-plated jewellery. If you are going to buy either of them, it is important to understand the difference and know how to tell them apart.

How Your Body Shape Play an Important Factor in Choosing What Prom Dress Style to Wear

13 May 2016
Image by Peaches Boutique

Your body shape can have a bigger impact on your choice of prom dress then you think. For decades, women have been considering their body shapes before buying glamorous evening gowns and there's a good reason for it. When you have the perfect dress that suits your body shape and accentuates all of your best parts, you will not only look the part but you will feel so much more comfortable and confident.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

08 May 2016
Hello, loves! Today I'm gonna be showing you guys a couple of gift ideas for mother's day. So as you guys know May is approaching really fast, that means Mother's day is coming along with that so that is really exciting. All mothers out there need to be appreciated for all the hard work they gone through for their families, their children, and so forth. So this is a really great holiday to appreciate what they have done for us. And it could get pretty difficult thinking about what to get our Mom, grandma or sister. So in this blog post, I have narrowed it down to 3 categories of Mom which are, the foodie Mom, the green thumb Mom and the sporty Mom. So without further ado let's get started.

For the Foodie Mom:
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20 Beach Wedding Dresses from Cocomelody

02 May 2016

Hi, lovelies! I'm back again with another collab post with Cocomelody. If you guys haven't heard about Cocomelody they have the best designer wedding dresses and they are an e-commerce bridal platform providing professional online and offline service to bridal designers and shoppers all over the world.So today I'm gonna show you wedding gowns perfect for the beach bride. You found the perfect destination now you need is the perfect dress. I found 20 ideal beach wedding dresses that fill all the requirements for the beach bride. They're breezy and they even look great with bare feet. 

Spring Fashion Trends | Pastels, Prints & Patterns ft. IFCHIC

23 April 2016
Hi, Lovelies! Spring is already here in full bloom so I decided to make a blog post about Spring Fashion Trend and I'm gonna show you different styles to look out for and be inspired for things to wear for spring and getting ideas and stuff like that. So I thought to make a post for you guys about 3 of my favorite Spring Fashion Trends. 

This blog post is in collaboration with IFCHIC. If you guys haven't heard of Ifchic it is a website that sells designer brand clothing.They carry a lot of high-end clothing from boots to purses, to sunglasses, to clothing, to accessories and everything like that. There's a lot of great designer brands like Alexa Chung, C/meo Collective, Alexander Wang, Oliver Peoples, AG Jeans. Those are some of the designers on their website but they actually have about 74 name brand designers and the products they create are very high-end and from their name itself chic! Their website also features updated styles and trends about fashion so make sure to check out their website. 

And these are all things I think every girl should have in their closet for spring. I hope you guys like this post and give you some inspiration along the way so let's get started! 

Wedding Dresses from Cocomelody That You'll Absolutely Love

19 April 2016
Finding a perfect gown for your wedding can be tricky you want something that is sophisticated and has impeccably-feminine silhouettes that will complete any bride’s radiant look!. 

How to Slay Coachella / Outfits + Accessories

17 April 2016
Hey, lovelies! It's the time of the year that Coachella is officially here! And it's the perfect event if you wanna wear something very fashionable that you're not able to wear in your everyday life. So I decided to make a blog post on what to wear to Coachella or any music festival because I'm guessing that some of you guys will go and I thought it would be very helpful to show you guys some outfit ideas that you could wear to Coachella and I absolutely love all of them! So here are the outfits that I put together for you guys. I hope that you like it and let's get into it!

March 2016 Makeup Haul

02 April 2016
March 2016 Makeup Haul

It is already April and I can't believe how time flies fast. Anyways I just wanted to show you guys my March beauty haul that I bought from December last year up to last month and some beauty products that my friends gave me. Let's get started! shall we?

18 Eggs-traordinary Easter Treats from Pinterest

26 March 2016

Happy Easter Lovelies! Today I'm gonna be showing you 18 delicious treats for Easter whether you are just chilling at home, and eat a bunch of these treats or if you're having some kind of a party and you need some quick ideas on what to make for that party. I'm super excited you guys have no idea. They are so delicious, so colorful and cute for easter and I'm pretty sure you guys will have fun making them for your family, friends, and kids of your own. And I think they will enjoy them. I hope you guys like it and let's get into it!

10 Outfits for Date Night When you Have Nothing to Wear

24 March 2016
Ever planning on going on a date? And you already running out of outfits to wear on date night? Don't worry. I got you covered! So today I wanted to show you on what I came up with 10 date outfit ideas for different kinds of  dates. Go through the list never say you have "nothing to wear" again!

Fancy dinner date

Peel-Off Lip Tattoo Review + Tutorial

13 March 2016

Hi, Loves! I'm back with another review and tutorial post! I will be reviewing about the 7 Romantic touch fit lip tattoo pack and I will show you on how to use it. I was actually contacted by a website called Born Pretty Store and the prices for the items that they have in their store is super duper cheap. So you gotta check it out.

How to be a #SelfieExpert

20 February 2016

The Selfie has been around for awhile now, but to capture the best selfie is a bit hard to do and especially if you haven't gotten the technique down. I'm sure each of you have their own way of taking good selfies but I have my way and it might be the best way. If you wanna know my technique on how to take the best flattering selfies, I'm here to teach you girls so please keep on reading this article and I'm gonna show you how to capture the best version of yourself. This article is a guide on how to be a #SelfieExpert! I hope that you'll learn something new today so let's get started!

Irresistible me Hair Extensions Review

27 January 2016

Hello, loves! How are you? I hope that you're doing great. I so missed blogging! This will be my very first post for 2016 and it's already halfway through the month when it just started! Oh, my time flies so fast! oh well, life's too short so I guess it's time for us to be a bit adventurous in life, speaking of being adventurous, this 2016 I am trying to be more adventurous when it comes to my hair style. I already tried ombre, bleaching and curling my hair and turned out to damage it so Hair extensions are the answer to my problem! It's very easy and convenient to use without damaging my real locks. And I'm so thankful that Irresistible Me has contacted me and sent me their hair extensions to try it out and make a review for them. I'm so excited because it's my first time to try using a hair extension.

Decorate with Flowers on Holiday Season

20 December 2015

Hello, loves! I'm excited to share you this post because this is going to be my first post about the Holiday season! Well, obviously Christmas is just around the corner and we only have a few days left until Christmas yay! I know some of you are already planning on what gifts to buy as well as what will be your Christmas decoration this year. Aside from the gifts, the decor is important because we only have it once in a year, though it's not that necessary, but it's really nice to add some festive touches to the house during the holiday season.

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