My Summer Essentials

18 June 2015
My summer essentials

Hi, lovelies! I hope you're all well and having a lovely week! Today I thought I would talk about some of my summer beauty essentials and what products and clothing I like to use in the warmer months.  For me, summer is all about keeping a healthy glow and looking your best!

I am hoping this will be helpful for you guys, to make sure you have all the things you need to prepare for the sunshine. 

1. Sunscreen
This is my number one summer essential because it is important to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays and in order to prevent sunburn or harmful diseases from developing in the future, such as skin cancer.

2. Pastel Nail Polishes
During summer, I love wearing pastels and colorful nails! One of my favorite nail polish brands is Essie and these pastel colors are perfect for the summer time!

3. Sunnies
Because the sun is so bright during summer time, it's a must to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. This is my go-to essential which you can find in my handbag all the time even if it's not summer.

4. Beach Bag
In this beach bag is where I keep all my summer essentials. 

5. Bangles Bracelets
Catch people’s attention with these vibrant and bright bangles. These bold pieces mix vibrant color pallets with unique designs to add a pop of color to any outfit. They portray effortless styling that is the key to summer style.

6. Hat
This is an essential if you want to look positively cool at the beach this summer, you must have one before you hit the road. And it is also a great way to protect your head from the sun.

7. Maxi dress
I got this on my list because I find it easy and comfortable to wear during summer time and is really easy to style all you need are earrings, bangles, and a cute pair on sandals.

8. Naked eyeshadow palette
No matter your eye color, you can’t go wrong with this palette of twelve earth-toned shadows, both matte and sparkly. 

9. Bikini
Finding the right bikini all depends on your destination and activities honestly. Whether you’re planning to tan, lounge, pool party etc. it’s nice to have a diversity of styles of swimwear.

10. Birkenstock sandals
I just think these sandals are super cool and trendy, They go with basically any outfit, casual or dressy and come in so many colors and styles that make me want to buy all of them. I personally think these sandals are great for summer.

11. Lip balm
 I find it really necessary and useful to have a small lip balm handy in your handbag for traveling and also in case you're going to the beach or going for an evening out and want to keep your lips soft and healthy looking. I find it very important for me to remember to keep my lips refreshed and moisturized when you are out in the sun.

12. Perfume
I feel that a perfume is perfect for applying before setting off for a day of summer fun as the scents tends to last longer, however, I feel like a body spray is perfect as a carry around essential, as it allows for refreshing yourself during the long hot summer days.
So these are some of my summer beauty essentials. I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you to enjoy your summer vacation!

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What are your summer essentials?
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