Picking the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

25 November 2016
There's a lot to consider when choosing a bridesmaid's dresses for your wedding. But the process can be both easy and fun when shopping. Of course, the wedding day is a Bride's day to Shine. But we want our bridesmaids to look beautiful too! Trust me the quickest way to upset your buds is to invite them to be in your bridal party and then turn them into fashion victims. Don't dress your friends in something hideous so you look better in comparison and definitely don't choose dresses that make them look heavy or frumpy. Curious which style are acceptable? I'm here to help. Here's a list of five steps that will help you find the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your wedding.

Step one: Finding a dress that will work for everyone.

If you have a diverse group of short, big, tall and small it might be best to go with simple dresses with a universally flattering silhouette like an A-line or empire waist, something that will work best for everyone. Avoid over the top details and embellishments which can be costly and often times add bulk in unwanted places. You don't want your bridesmaids feeling awkward on the day of the wedding. Remember your ultimate goal is to find dresses that complement your wedding gown and wedding style.

Step two: Color.

Choosing the right color for your bridesmaid's' dresses is very key. Take a look at your bridesmaids' complexion and hair color to make sure you made the right choice. Also stay away from patterns. You don't want them looking like a kaleidoscope. Hone in on shades that look good on a variety of different skin tones. Cool tones are usually a hit for example from a dark navy to light turquoise, blue tone are either flattering to a fair or dark skin. Purple is another crowd pleaser. Try vibrant shades like plum or violet for maximum wow factor.

Step three: Get feedback from your bridesmaids.

It's your wedding but they might have good ideas as to what makes them feel most comfortable and what looks they like. Also keep in mind that if they'll be buying the dresses, keep the cost low and also think about something that they'll be able to wear more than once. Keep both perspectives in mind while you're shopping and be prepared to offer ideas for changing up the look after the wedding. You can often create an entirely new look with a few extra accessories. I love dresses that transform from celebrations ready to daytime chic!

Another way to ensure happily and still end up with dresses you love, choose the color and fabric and then each bridesmaid pick a style that fits her frame whether you limit your bridesmaids to one silhouette or let them shop for a variety of styles or do the exact opposite. choose a style and let your bridesmaids pick the color they prefer. This time is the silhouette that will make your bridesmaids look put together.

Step four: Choosing a dress that will look good at the wedding itself.

Location, season, time of the day and lighting should all be taken into consideration. You don't want to choose a hunter green dress with a forest backdrop. Your bridesmaids could look like they're wearing camouflage.

Step five: Find dresses that best works for you.

And Finally, after all, these considerations it's still your wedding and you want something that is going to complement the wedding itself, your dress and you.

Once you finalized the color and shape now it's time to focus in a few extras to complete your bridesmaids' look. Pins, shoes, belts and jewelry will dress up any simple style and give each dress a dose of individuality.

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I so love this dress because it is convertible! It can be wear in 6 different styles or you can style this dress in any way you want! It also comes in 37 different colors. I can imagine my bridesmaids to be wearing this dress on own my wedding day!

So that's it for today! I hope that this post gave you an idea on how to pick the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your special day. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and See you next time! :)

*This post was created in partnership with StyleDress. All contents and opinions are that of my own.
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