7 Summer Fashion Finds Under $20

13 July 2017

What's up guys! what are you doing today? I hope that you are doing so good out there! Today's blog post is about summer fashion finds under $20 where I review more affordable items all under $20 obviously.  I got so much stuff to show you guys and these are just some of my favorites that I picked up lately.

Before we get into it, I just want you to know guys that this post is in cooperation with Yoins, they are an online shop where you can buy playsuits online, fashion clothing, accessories, swimwear for a very cheap price so don't forget to visit their website.

I'm excited to show you guys everything! So grab your snacks and grab your drinks and let's get started!

This first item that I have is one of my favorites that I picked up this summer and this is a sheer pink maxi dress and it is the most beautiful thing ever and I believe this is $ 21.95 and oh my goodness this is so beautiful!

This next item is a store crocheted dress and I love it so much! the price of this is $19.95 so that's a pretty good deal as you can see this one is like super sheer I would just wear this as a swimsuit coverup.

I am so excited about this next item because it is only $19.95 that is freaking amazing this is such a good quality skirt for $19.95 you can't find anything better than this.

My next item is also striped and it is an off the shoulder top and this $11.95 which is a really really good deal for something like this cute. I love the color, I love how it's off the shoulder

Next, I have another off the shoulder dress so those are super trendy right now. Anything off the shoulder is super adorable I think I would definitely recommend picking this up if you can find it this is $ 17.95

Next, I have something a little bit different than the stuff I would normally wear, this is $ 19.95 and this is a maxi skirt. It's kind of like a high-low skirt but I love the color and it is a wrap skirt.

So the last item is the top that I would pair it with that skirt that I showed you before and this is a white off the shoulder top and this is $ 11.95 and it's just like super simple casual you can wear this with a million different things.

And again, don't forget to visit Yoins website for more fashion casual dresses for under $20.

So those are going to be all my items today I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and that is going to be all. Thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next blog post! Bye! :)

*This post was created in partnership with Yoins. All contents and opinions are that of my own.


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