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01 August 2017

Hi, guys! I'm back with another summer trend for men and it's the Hawaiian Shirt. You know as well as I know that you don't need to go to Hawaii to find  Hawaiian shirts, you find them just about everywhere. Dresslily is an online shopping platform where you can find the best Hawaiian Shirt for sale and not only that, they are selling wide varieties of fashionable clothes, dresses, accessories, swimwear for a very cheap price so don't forget to visit their website. Also, check out their Plus size tankini because they are so hot!

Moving on, If you are not familiar with what those are, they've been actually gaining a lot of popularity and they're always kind of popular around beach areas during the summer especially with men. They're a summer staple and they've been featured on countless celebrities throughout the decade's people like Hunter Thompson, Elvis Presley, of course, Tom Selleck and Magnum P.I. there are tons of designs available in Hawaiian shirts, some of them are admittedly overbearing and garish but just as many designs that are tasteful and visually appealing. These are not shirts that you're going to wear to go to like a formal type of event or anywhere where you need to dress up. These are shirts that are statement shirts.

So here are my top picks and let's take a look at them.

Floral Tie Dye Print Cover Placket Hawaiian Shirt

First off is this floral tie dye print cover placket Hawaiian shirt. These things have been making a huge comeback this year. It's a great everyday shirt and if you wanna go casual or if you wanna go a little bit more dressed up depending on how you style it I mean this shirt is so versatile and it's a great choice for the summer time.

Short Sleeves Plus Size Hawaiian Shirt

Next, is this red floral Hawaiian shirt, it has buttons and actually, it is similar to the red wine shirt that Elvis wore on the cover of the Blue Hawaii soundtrack back in the early 60's. Florals are very popular, one of the earliest designs in the Hawaiian shirt and still you can find just about everywhere today so it's a great choice. The one color treatment here simple but effective and easy to wear.

Short Sleeve Plus Size Floral Print Shirt

Next up, is this short sleeve floral print shirt. The first thing that I wanna point out is the color, a lot of Hawaiian shirts are very loud but this one is muted and softer they tend to be more versatile looking where you guys are just about going everywhere and look at this shirt, it's a nice color combination. It goes together well and it's not too visually overbearing.

Cover Placket Florals Printed Hawaiian Shirt

Next trend, prints. Loud wide prints all over the shirt. You can see a crop across the chest. instead of all of the print, think about a border where it is easy way to put a pop of color across the chest or down the side of the shirt so for this shirt you can think about anything associated with travel it's truly a great thing for Hawaiian shirts thinking about them for you know it's an incentive for booking or people get to their destination.

Leaves Print Plus Size Hawaiian Shirt

Lastly, is this leaves print Hawaiian shirt it's not traditionally Hawaiian but the print is Hawaiian. This shirt looks pretty fantastic. It has a modern twist to it and has a relaxed vibe to it because of the print but it slim cut so it is not the traditional Hawaiian shirt that you think of. It is best to pair with denim jeans and khaki pants.

And that was all! Comment down below which Hawaiian shirt is/are your favorite? Thank you so much for reading and see you on my next post! Have a great day! 

*This post was created in partnership with Dresslily. All contents and opinions are that of my own.


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