I’m a Philippine-based beauty and lifestyle writer of Filipino descent, with a solid audience and presence across all social media platforms. I work as Sales and Application Executive and a freelance writer and blogger. I am a member of Blogger babes, The Blogger Programme, Next Blogger Network and etc.

I love pets! I have a pet dog named Charlie he is a cute poodle baby and I have betta fishes. My hobby is writing blogs or journals, photography, traveling, and checking my facebook, instagram and tweeting. 

Before becoming a blogger, I worked as a Nurse, However, I just discovered recently that it is my passion to write and make blogs to share my knowledge, experiences and inspire readers.



In 2015, I founded my Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog, With love, Jamie.(

I made this blog out of a hobby and as a journal. I want to record all the events that are happening in my everyday life and also the things that I’m passionate about. The contents of this blog are about life, food, travel. Fashion, love, makeup, hair, “ootd”, style, fitness, beauty, DIY, haul, inspiration, lifestyle and everything that I fancy.

I have a wide-ranging readership on my blog, including visitors from the UK, the US, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and beyond.

My demographic is a largely female readership. The top three visiting countries are the US (55.87%) UK (35.12%) and Philippines (17.12%) 2015.

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